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Support the sport

Support the sport


We're Launching a new initiative, our aim is to support and help Thai fighters grow through financial aid and equipment sponsorship.

Alongside our support we're offering our customers the chance to support our selected Thai fighters, there’s a link on our site where donations can be made.

100% of funds will go to the boxers, Donations are not tax deductible.

Different type of support

Our selected sponsored Thai fighters will receive both financial support and equipment donations depending on which suits them best. The growth of many boxers is restricted by financial pressures, many lower level boxers rely on support from gym owners or investors as the fight purse at small stadiums is not enough to survive. Our goal is to use our customer base as a platform to unite and help these fighters reach their true potential.

Donation rewards

To reward large donations we will also be offering incentives and rewards, these are as follows.

  • Donate £50 - free T-shirt
  • Donate £75 - free T-shirt and handwraps
  • Donate £100 - All of the items listed above, a thank you video from the boxers plus a 20% discount code for our store (valid for 6 months of use)